Halki Diabetes Remedy Review 2019 – Help or Hype?

Halki Diabetes Remedy: http://bit.ly/Halki-Diabetes-Remedy-Review
Halki Diabetes Remedy Review 2019 – Help or Hype?

The Halki Diabetes Remedy website states that the Halki Diabetes Remedy will provide you with meals, recipes and exercises to help you control your blood sugar. In particular, the salad dressings that you eat on this program are made with ingredients, such as kohlrabi, broccoli sprouts and marjoram, that protect and repair cells against oxidative damage caused by PM2.5. There is also a detox tea that is supposed to boost the power of these ingredients. You receive recipes for these salad dressings, along with a three-week protocol to follow. The recipes only take 60 seconds to make! And best of all, you get access to this “remedy” for only $37, as well as bonus material on how to achieve your goals, how to increase your energy, and the mind–body connection as it relates to diabetes. And if you don’t find that this program is working for you, Eric promises that you’ll get your money back (as long as it’s within 60 days of purchase, of course).

Halki Diabetes Remedy – There is unlikely to be any danger of whipping up your own salad dressings. And there is some evidence to support the link between particulate matter and diabetes incidence. However, claims of reversing diabetes are disingenuous at best; mostly they’re concerning and potentially dangerous. To insinuate that you’ll be able to throw away your diabetes medicines and stop checking blood sugars is irresponsible. Also, without plunking down $37 (which, admittedly, is not a lot of money), it’s difficult to know if the nutrition protocol and recommended exercises are safe. Eric Whitfield is to be commended for doing his own research and for his efforts at helping his wife, but he is not a health-care professional or trained scientist. Amanda Feerson is apparently a known medical researcher, but an Internet search brings up her name only in reference to the Halki Diabetes Remedy.

Halki Diabetes Remedy – You’ll find a handful of testimonials from customers who claim they’ve reversed their diabetes in a matter of weeks (and if there truly are 33,405 people who have reversed their diabetes, one would think that there would be more buzz about this in the scientific community…).


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